Compassion Inspired Eating


Each beautifully illustrated card offers a meditation and practice designed to help you cultivate a kind and compassionate relationship with food, health and the body.




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Compassion Inspired Eating is a kind and caring way to develop a healthier relationship with food and the body. Each card offers a meditation or practice based on mindfulness, body positivity, self-acceptance and self-compassion. Pull a card from the deck and use the message as a reminder to give yourself care and kindness, especially when struggling with food or body image. Notice how you feel in your body when you first see the card. Keep your card close for the day as a loving reminder that you deserve care, that you can have your own back and be there for yourself when things are hard.




Testimonials about Compassion Inspired Eating

My biggest take away will be to be more ‘kindful’ to myself in regards to eating.  I loved the idea of eating to the point of energy.
A radical way of being with food.  How sweetness translates from our lives to our plate. Going back to basics.
I realized that I have created a lot of stress around food in my life – what and how much  – and I want to shift that.
I got more eye opening thoughts around food and healthy eating to move forward towards overall health.