Cards for Grieving with Mindfulness and Self-Compassion


These comforting cards will support you in your journey through grief and loss using mindfulness and self-compassion



Compassion Inspired Health has created these comforting and inspirational cards to support you in your journey with grief and mourning.

Each card is beautifully illustrated with art from the original works of Johanne Galipeau. On the text side you will find information to help support your journey with grieving and loss using mindful awareness and self-compassion practices.

You can use them by pulling a card from the deck and using the message as an inspiration for your day. Notice how you feel in your body when you first saw the card you picked.  Keep with you for the day to remind yourself to breath the message in.

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After Dad passed away, Mom was overwhelmed at times,
and felt like a “ninny” for being emotional. I gave her the grief cards.
She believes you have created something quite wonderful. S
he found the thoughts and messages helpful and comforting and the artwork soothing.
Thank you so much. V. Smith, Nanaimo, B.C. Canada


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