Compassion Inspired Training


Looking for a way to really support your organization?
Concerned about stress? burnout? illness?

We offer transformative training for workplace meetings, retreats and conferences.
Participants leave with practical skills they can use immediately in their lives at home and at work.
Whether you want a ‘lunch and learn’ format, a half day training or a full day retreat – this research based training is proven to reduce stress and prevent burnout while promoting health and better relationships at home and at work.

Here are some of our most requested presentations:

favicon64Overstressed and Undernourished?  Self-Compassion can help.
– learn to manage stress and burnout with mindfulness and self-compassion core skills training
– learn practical skills you can use immediately to support yourself while supporting others

favicon64Cultivating Self-Compassion to the Workplace
– people who are more self-compassionate tend to be happier, healthier and have better relationships at home and at work.  Staff training on ‘self-compassion core skills’ helps to transform the work environment into one where people take care of themselves and others.

favicon64 Compassion Inspired Eating
 – find out from the integrative professionals ‘what and how to eat’ to reduce stress and support energy, mood, weight and hormonal balance, 

There’s more. 
Check our calendar for scheduled events or contact us at info@compassioninspiredhealth.com to discuss your organization’s need.