Compassion Inspired Training


Looking for a way to really support your organization? Concerned about stress? burnout? illness?

We offer transformative training for workplace meetings, retreats and conferences.
Participants leave with practical skills they can use immediately in their lives at home and at work.
Whether you want a ‘lunch and learn’ format, a half day training or a full day retreat – this research based training is proven to reduce stress and prevent burnout while promoting health and better relationships at home and at work.

Check our calendar for scheduled events or contact us at info@compassioninspiredhealth.com to discuss your organization’s needs.

i loved the practical tools provides to help us at work that will be useful to prevent burnout because I often go home too wiped out to have energy to do much.  I need more energy to seek other pursuits. 

B. Stasiuk


it was good to have a day about how to help yourself because we spend so much time training on ‘doing’ subjects and spend very little time on caring and helping ourselves  We always put ourselves second.
This was the first time I have attended this type of workshop…it was excellent  

R. Davies

Program Director, Central Vancouver Island Multicultural Society

The facilitators were very skilled and passionate, well organized, relevant topic. I loved interacting with my colleagues.  We never get a chance to do this at work because we are all so busy.