There is a kind, gentle way to change bad body image and eating behaviours. Seeing yourself as you really are without the negative comparisons or self-criticism, makes it easier to eat better, feel better and look better.

Sit tall, breathe deeply and put your attention towards a body part you take for granted – perhaps your wrist or ankle. Notice what you notice. Notice the energy pulsing beneath the surface. Really see it. When your attention wanders to self-criticism – treat it like a puppy learning to stay. Gently, kindly, bring your attention to that body part. See the similarities. Does this body part remind you of a beloved family member? Does it remind you of a favourite past time that you enjoy with your nearest and dearest? See yourself as you really are – not how you would like to be. You are seeing your part in family, community and the world at large.

Sitting taller, breathing deeper, you are breaking the self-focus that is part of body dissatisfaction. A little self-kindness goes a long way towards feeling comfortable in your own skin.