The short video below asks you to consider these 8 simple questions to help you consider whether body image is interfering with your health and happiness.

Distress Test

Do you avoid wearing bathing suits and revealing clothing?
Do you hate looking at photos of yourself?
Can stepping on the scale ruin your whole day?
Do you avoid clothes shopping?
Does seeing yourself naked stress you?
Does eating a full meal make you feel badly about yourself?
When you see images of models or celebrities do you feel badly about your body?
Does associating with certain people make you feel self-conscious?

Bad body image takes a toll on your health and wellbeing. If you suspect your body image is interfering with your health, happiness and quality of life – it might be time to try Self-Compassion.

Self-Compassion helps.  It boosts body image and decreases emotional eating, making it easier to achieve a healthy, sustainable weight.