The best part of this program was…

I learned to have compassion for myself.  I learned that others are also experiencing similar feelings of being unlovable at times.  I loved having a meditation to practice each week.

connecting with the people who showed up (including the instructors), learning the techniques through an experiential manner and being able to share my experiences.

it allowed my relationship to myself to really grow and that in turn enriched my daily experiences and the relationships I have with others.  Also the sharing was very powerful, and the poetry – ah, the poetry!  

all of it. Taking this course was one of the best decisions I have made all year.  I truly believe my life has changed and I am better for it.  The hardest part was showing up on Day 1 and saying why I was here.

the poetry
the compassion modelled by the facilitators.
being in the presence of others of like-mind.
the instructors being so lovingly gentle.
regularly meeting with others people exploring how to deepen their practice and sharing their experiences related to this work
the thoroughness and genuine care for the work.

Next program starts January 2016.