There are many different and effective ways to support people after they have had a traumatic experience.  This technique is an interesting way for groups of people to discharge after a stressful event, based on Peter Levine’s work on trauma. Levine noticed that once an animal was out of danger, its body automatically shifted to “parasympathetic” rest and recovery with gentle trembling, shaking, deep breaths and sweating. These behaviours allow for a discharge and reset of the nervous system.  If animals are unable to complete the discharge process, they die. If human beings are unable to complete the discharge process, they can develop post traumatic stress.  Many body-centred therapies incorporate techniques to help the body discharge and reset.  What I love about this technique, is that it allows large groups of people to move through resetting together.  That common humanity piece is so important. Because often when we are suffering, we isolate.   Feeling our feelings, treating ourselves with kindness, learning how to discharge and self-soothe and connecting with others are the important elements in healing shame associated with post traumatic stress.