Self-Compassion is one of the key tenets for transformation of eating and body image struggles.  Compassion inspired Eating workshops offer a holistic approach that integrates self-compassion, mindful eating, eating psychology, clinical nutrition, holistic nutrition and counselling therapy.

Develop a Nourishing Rhythm
A regular eating routine is a foundational to health. Everything in life has a rhythm and the body loves rhythm. Rhythm soothes the nervous system and is a way of supporting mind, body and spirit.  We need rhythm with eating, sleeping, moving, resting, connecting and contemplation. What is your rhythm?

Cultivate Your Self-Compassionate Voice
We each have an inner critic but for some of us it can be powerful and loud with judgment and blame. Practice mindful awareness of this self-critical voice and then take a moment to thank it.  Yes, your self-critical voice is most likely trying to keep you safe.  But it is not a very skillful way of helping you.  Ask yourself how you would talk to a friend who was struggling with similar issues? Can you offer yourself some of this same kindness?

Write a compassionate letter to yourself
Compassion heals.  Learning to give ourselves what we need heals, Compassionate letter writing is an excellent way to cultivate a self-compassionate voice. Imagine that you are a loving friend and write a letter to someone who is struggling with the same issues that you have struggled with.  Offer this friend all the kindness, compassion and support they deserve.  Now try to slip yourself into the letter.  Imagine writing the same letter to yourself. Start writing to yourself from the perspective of s loving friend.

Create your own Loving Kindness Phrase
Think of your own personal loving kindness phrase that resonates with you.  This is a compassionate wish for yourself. Write it on a card you can carry in your pocket. When you are struggling with food, eating avoidance or negative body image, use your phrase to ground and anchor yourself again.  Your mantra could be, “May I be kind to myself today, especially when I get stressed and anxious’.

Three-Six Breathing
When you are feeling overwhelmed, take a moment to ground yourself with your breath. Your breath is always available to you. Breathing in to the count of three and out to the count of six can help you calm and centre yourself.Then gently ask yourself ‘what do I need in this moment?’.  Learning to attend to ourselves,especially when we are struggling, helps to calm the ‘hungry ghost’ within.

These are just a few of the many proven strategies that we offer in our counselling and workshops.  If you are interested in finding out more, contact Victoria Pawlowski, RD., M.Ed., RCC


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