It’s a bad feeling and sometimes difficult to bear. That ‘pain of disconnection’ that can arise when we are feeling rejected, betrayed, lost or alone.

Sometimes our initial response is anger or resentment or blame, which are difficult feelings as well although initially can seem to provide some relief.
If we can learn to mindfully ‘feel’ and ‘breathe’ our way through these difficult feelings, we often find they are covering more vulnerable feelings such as fear, shame or loneliness. These can be difficult to bear as well, however if we can ‘feel’ and ‘breathe’ and ‘comfort’ ourselves through them, we often find that they are covering a deep unmet need – like the need to be seen, heard, validated, connected, respected or loved.  So many layers!  So much vulnerability.  And yet we all experience this at times.  It is part of being human – part of the human experience.

Mindfulness practice can help us feel all these feelings without judgment or resistance. Self-Compassion practice allows us to be kind to ourselves and ultimately learn to give ourselves the love and compassion we may have been yearning to receive from others for many, many years.

Practice is the key.  We practice these skills on a daily basis so that when times are tough, we will have the emotional resiliency to deal with whatever comes.

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Victoria Pawlowski, M.Ed., RCC
Compassion Inspired Health