While we are learning many new ways to cultivate self-compassion, it is helpful to remember the different ways we may already be practising some form of self-care on a regular basis.   Think about how you already care for yourself in each of the following areas:

  • Physically (soothing the body):
    suggestions:  taking a bath, sitting in the sun, doing some gentle stretching, going for a walk, having a massage, taking a nap
  • Emotionally (comforting emotional distress):
    suggestions:  cooking, writing in your journal, patting the dog.
  • Mentally (reducing mental agitation):
    suggestions:  watching a funny movie, meditating, reading a book.
  • Relationally (connecting with others in a way that feels nurturing):
    suggestions:  playing a game, phoning or writing a letter to a dear friend, being affectionate with a loved one.
  • Spiritually (aligning with your values, engaging in meaningful activities):
    suggestions:  help others, connect with nature, pray, meditate, practice yoga/chi gong

How you do these activities is as important as what you are doing.  Remember, the important point here is to try to do these activities with mindful awareness and self-compassion.