This is an effective way to anchor your awareness in the present moment, in body sensation, especially when you’re upset and can’t calm yourself down.

• Stand up and feel the soles of your feet on the floor. Rock forward and back a little, and side to side.
Make little circles with your knees, feeling the changes of sensation in the soles of your feet.

• When you notice your mind has wandered, just feeling the soles of your feet again.

• If you wish, you can begin to walk slowly, noticing the changing sensations in the soles of your feet. Noticing the sensation of lifting a foot, stepping forward, and the placing the foot on the floor. Doing the same with both feet as you walk.

• As you walk, perhaps also noticing for a moment how small the surface area of your feet is, and how hard your feet work to keep your body off the ground. See if you can notice that with appreciation or gratitude.

• When you are ready, returning to standing.

(The Centre for Mindful Self-Compassion)