Blog Topic: Self-Compassion

Letting Go of Striving

MSC is about building resources, skills, and strengths to face our human imperfections with loving, connected presence. It takes courage to embark on the practice of Mindful Self-Compassion. We are choosing to learn how to respond to ourselves with kindness and...

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Health Benefits of Self-Compassion

Self-criticism does more than make us feel badly.  It is actually bad for our health. Self-Criticism activates the nervous threat response system stimulating the hormones designed to help us deal with danger through a ‘fight, fight or freeze’.  When our threat...

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Letting Go

“I think most of the spiritual life is really a matter of letting go, ceasing to cling, ceasing to insist on our own way, ceasing to tense ourselves up for this or against that.” Beatrice Bruteau

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