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Letting Go

“I think most of the spiritual life is really a matter of letting go, ceasing to cling, ceasing to insist on our own way, ceasing to tense ourselves up for this or against that.” Beatrice Bruteau

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The Power of Listening

LIstening helps us understand the other. helps us connect with the other. makes it more likely that the other will listen to us. may be the cheapest concession we can make. may be the golden key to opening the door to human relationships.    ...

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How to be a Body Positive Ally

I’m being good.”
“Just two chips.”
“Cheat day.”
“I feel fat.”
“Make good choices.”
“Counting calories.”
“I ate so badly on the weekend, need to go to the gym, lose 10 kilos, feel so fat, doing a cleanse.”

Chances are, you’ve heard these phrases before. You’ve probably said a few of them too, no matter what your size or relationship with your body.

They may seem harmless, but what you are saying to your fat friend, colleague or family member is: I am doing my very best to not be like you.

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