Pop-up Live Online Self-Compassion Meeting – free

An opportunity to slow down, connect with ourselves and each other through self-compassion guided gatherings.  Register for our newsletter and/or follow our social media in order to get notified about our next Self-Compassion Pop-Up.



Let’s sit together.

Let’s practice together.

Let’s cultivate kindness and compassion together.

When COVID social distancing started in March of 2019, we decided to offer weekly Sunday afternoon meditation gatherings to support ourselves and our community to get through the uncertainty.  We shifted that to monthly gatherings for awhile and now have cut down on the regularly scheduled meditations while we are actively teaching the live online Mindful Self-Compassion Programs.

However, we miss it!  We miss you.  So every so often we are inspired to collect, to sit and meditate with you again.

We offer POP-UP MEDITATION GATHERINGS when the inspiration calls us.

If you would like to be notified about the next POP-UP SELF-COMPASSION GATHERING please follow us on social media and/or sign up for Compassion Inspired Health Newsletter.

Everyone welcome.
No experience necessary.
a place, a time to gather, to sit, to be with what is. 

Victoria Pawlowski, M.Ed. R.C.C.

Kristy Williams, M.D.