Self-Compassion Cards


No 18 backdraftNo 18 backdraft32 stunning Self-Compassion Cards designed to support practice around self-awareness, self-kindness & self-care.



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Compassion Inspired Health has created Self-Compassion Cards to support you in learning, practicing and integrating self-compassion practices into your life. The collection includes 32 stunning different images from the original work of artist Johanne Galipeau.

On the text side of each card, you will find information to help deepen your understanding about mindfulness and self-compassion as well as guidance on specific practices that build self-awareness, self-kindness & self-care.

You can use them by pulling a card from the deck and using the message as an inspiration for your day. Notice how you feel in your body when you first saw the card you picked. Put the card in a prominent spot on your desk, dashboard, computer for the day to remind yourself to breathe the message in.

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No 18 backdraft




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