Shifting the Paradigm: Mindful Self-Compassion for Health Care Professionals – Canadian Conference on Physician Leadership, Montreal May 24-25, 2024


We are pleased to share that we are presenting a workshop for Mindful Self-Compassion for Health Care Professionals at the upcoming conference for the Canadian Society of Physician Leaders in Montreal, Quebec, Canada entitled Shifting the Paradigm May 24-24, 2024.

MSC is the practice of repeatedly evoking goodwill toward  ourselves, especially when we are suffering, cultivating the same desire that all living beings have to  live happily and free from suffering. 

The workshop includes short talks, mindfulness practices, experiential exercises, group discussions,  and home practices. The goal is for participants to directly experience self-compassion and learn  practices that evoke self-compassion in their daily lives.

Mindful Self-Compassion, rooted in evidence-based research, equips healthcare professionals with the  skills to effectively navigate distressing emotional situations in both their professional and personal  lives. MSC has been shown to significantly reduce depression, stress, secondary traumatic stress, and  burnout, while simultaneously enhancing self-compassion, mindfulness, compassion for others, and job  satisfaction among healthcare professionals. 

Learning Objectives: 

  • Understand the evidence-based benefits of self-compassion. 
  • Apply the skills of mindful self-compassion to care for oneself and alleviate stress and  symptoms of burnout for physician leaders. 
  • Practice self-compassion in relationships and caregiving.

The significance of our workshop lies in its potential to prevent burnout and resource healthcare professionals, thus contributing to the development of strong healthcare leadership.

CCPL 2024



Victoria Pawlowski,
Registered Clinical Counsellor


Kristy Williams,
Family Physician