The course provided me with a set of tools and skills to soften towards myself, see my goodness, and provide more peace, joy, happiness and gratitude for myself, day to day


I enjoyed the exercise when we had the ‘compassionate friend’ visitor.  My great grandmother came and listened and told me that things are all good. I needed that visit from this person to ground me, to make me realize everything is alright.  We started to sing a hymn in our language together, which was my grounding

Bonita Gabirel

Lil'Wat Health and Healing

This workshop was very good.  I loved the ‘one breath for me and one breath for you exercise.  It reminds me that I don’t have to fix everything.  the workshop was nicely done and had a very safe feeling.  I am happy you have a ‘romer’ facilitator to help keep the room safe and balanced with a loving eye.


Lil'Wat Nation

MSC was the journey into myself I had to take.  There was an atmosphere of comfort and non-judgment. I now have tools that will benefit myself and others for a lifetime.  The gentle, yet skillful and focused approach of the instructors was most helpful.  I felt respected and honoured by everyone in the room which allowed me to open, soften and move deeper into compassion.

Janet Laroche

Well organized and presented. Valuable information and exercises.  Instructors were knowledgeable and caring. weell paced. Felt comfortable and at ease.

I loved learning more about coping with stress and burn out.  Enjoyed all the tools give in class.

It was an honour to meet you both and spend the day at the self-compassion workshop. I am remaining very conscious about the way I treat myself! Self-care has taken on a whole different connotation for me that has been a real epiphany.

As it has been a lifelong habit to be harsh with myself, this remains my first ‘go-to’. I can see that being a group that practices together for some weeks would be an ideal situation for me. I may consider that option over time. I found the drive to Nanaimo easy and during summer/autumn months, it would be a breeze.

My favourite strategy so far is ‘savouring’. Just resting my attention of something for those 15 seconds seems to burn simple moments into my memory bank. I am also working with your cards. Thank you for this good work that you are doing. You are making such a difference.

Theresa Downing

I loved learning about Soothing Self-Touch.  You both brought a beautiful soft heartedness to the teaching which was palpable and demonstrated the authenticity and integrity of your teaching.

Misha Butot

Registered Clinical Counsellor/Certified Yoga Teacher, Victoria Hospice

I loved everything about this workshop on Preventing Burnout and Managing Stress with Mindfulness and Self-Compassion.

Thank you.

Elisha Williams

Lil'Wat Health and Healing

The program is an invitation to live the life you were meant to live – with compassion.

Michelle Daoust

Counsellor, Vancouver Island University

Dear Victoria,  I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your presentation in Calgary.  I would also like to thank you for the opportunity to sell my book that day. Warm regards, Phil

Dr. Phil Blustein

The Breath Project

The meditations & visualizations really helped me organize, articulate and process through shame, anger and hard feelings.  Meeting and sharing in a group setting made it possible for me to believe in our common humanity and suffering.  I truly used to think I was alone in it.

Andrea Turchanski

I accept myself now, flaws and all.  Even the ones I secretly thought I would never get over.  I value this human experience.  The full spectrum that makes me alive and free in an absolute way.


It was wonderful to acquire and deepen a practice that brings deep soothing to moments of suffering.

Johanne Galipeau


I loved everything about this workshop.  I love, love, love heart centred experiences and group work.  It would be great if there were more men or a workshop like this just for men.

Regis Chapman

Yoga Instructor and IT Guy

What a wonderful course!  It showed me we all struggle and we can all help ourselves to recognize when we are suffering and then soothe ourselves in those moments.  Just learning to meet my feelings and emotions in the moment gives me space to bring compassion to myself and in that, I am more able to be compassionate towards others.


I loved the warmth and caring woven into the day. Times of reflection, time of experience woven in with times of sharing along with nurturing food, videos and poetry. I am reminded that I am connected to love and kindness and it flows through me.  Please have more kleenex for teary eyes.

Sylvia Watcholtz


There is really only one word to describe the lessons learned from this program and that is priceless.  To become aware of the power your thoughts have on your being, and learning your capability to control those is truly life-altering.


It was great having you here….Thanks again for all your effort in making the workshop happen. I am so grateful that you brought your teachings to Calgary. I know many of my friends are grateful too.


Dr. Maggie Naylor

Learning how to be compassionate with myself has helped me feel more compassionate to others as well  It will help in my work and my family.

I love the take away tools that I can try to use and put into practice.  I have something tangible to try rather than just thinking about concepts.  Please hold more of these workshops and advertise more widely.  I know of lots of people who would love to be here.

I loved learning about ‘loosening the grip’.  I found I had some good ‘aha’ moments eg self-esteem vs self-compassion.