Compassion Inspired Eating

Struggling around your relationship to food? to your body? to yourself?

Caught up in cycles of negative self-talk? 

Tired of worrying, stressing, and disappointing yourself?

You are not alone.  And there is another way.  

Compassion Inspired Eating offers you:

  • tools to practice self-kindness in daily life around your eating
  • understanding about how self-compassion can support your wellbeing
  • strategies to motivate yourself towards your goals with kindness, not criticism
  • healthy ways to ‘feel and heal’ difficult emotions 
  • a path to intuitive eating around food, body image, and self-esteem
  • an opportunity to learn about and incorporate the arts of savoring, self-appreciation 

Compassion Inspired Eating was developed by Victoria Pawlowski, a Registered Clinical Counsellor, Certified Mindful Self-Compassion Teacher, and Nutritionist with extensive training and experience in eating psychology, mind-body nutrition, integrated body psychotherapy, mindfulness and self-compassion. 

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Please check out Cards for Compassion Inspired Eating, designed to support your journey with compassion inspired eating by offering you a daily meditation or practice based on mindfulness, body positivity, self-acceptance, and self-compassion.