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Practice Makes Imperfect

The goal of practice is to become a compassionate mess. That means fully human – often struggling, uncertain, confused – with great compassion Rob Nairn, Meditation Teacher...

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Meditation for Stress

This meditation practice helps us learn to be with our stress, anxiety or pain.  Rather than trying to avoid it, or get overwhelmed by our feelings, meditation practice helps us ‘be with’ what we are experiencing. When we practice ‘being with’...

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It’s Going to Be Alright

Mindfulness Meditation Training for Teens I love this program designed to help give teens the skills for managing themselves during difficult times including dealing with anxiety, depression, stress, relationships or family issues.  The meditations are simple, short,...

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Body Compassion: Using Your Breath to Change Body Image

You can always use your breathe to settle your mind and gently change your relationship to food and your body.  It takes practice and kindness.  Because your mind will wander. The practice is to gently, kindly bring it back to your breathe.  Observe your mind, note...

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Meditation for Compassionate Weight Loss

We live in a ‘boot camp’ kind of world.  Most of us have been taught to motivate ourselves with striving, pushing, ignoring feelings and using negative self-talk.  There is another way.  A more compassionate way – that research shows has positive...

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Body Compassion: Seeing Yourself as You Really Are

There is a kind, gentle way to change bad body image and eating behaviours. Seeing yourself as you really are without the negative comparisons or self-criticism, makes it easier to eat better, feel better and look better. Sit tall, breathe deeply and put your...

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“Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor.”

~Thich Nhat Hanh

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Neural Pathways

Neuroplasticity is new brain science that shows we can change our brain’s emotional response to difficult situations. Regular practice of calming, breathing, soothing activities can create new neural pathways in the brain. Each time we choose to slow down our...

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