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Prevent Burnout & Manage Stress with Foundation Skills Training in Mindfulness & Self-Compassion

April 27, 2016

Lateral Kindness and Sustainable Compassion requires us to learn to include ourselves in our circle of compassion. Otherwise we burn out and get irritable, crabby, depressed and frustrated.

Sustainable Compassion can be learned.  It starts with coming back to ourselves.  Tuning in.  Connecting with how we too are suffering at times while witnessing, caring for and supporting others.

This skill building workshop will teach practical skills that will help participants

  • remain calm and caring in challenging situations
  • cultivate self-kindness
  • handle difficult emotions with greater ease
  • transform challenging relationships
  • care for self while caring for others
  • use kindness as a motivator instead of criticism

Participation in this workshop is limited to staff of Lil’Wat Nation.
If you are interested in scheduling a workshop for your organization,
please contact us at info@compassioninspiredhealth.com 250.754.0806.


Evaluations from April 27
th, 2016
Workshop with Lil’Wat Health and Healing

Thank you for your good words and tools and for your gentle way to deal with suffering for ourselves and others and the dance of life. I will use these tools every day because we dance with ourselves and others every day. This was a great presentation, gentle, kind and compassionate.

The workshop was very good. I loved the ‘One Breath for Me, One Breath for You’ exercise because it reminds me that I don’t have to fix everything. The workshop had a nice safe feeling. I am happy you had a ‘rover’ to help keep the room safe and balanced with a loving eye.

I loved everything about this workshop. I loved the ‘laid back’ facilitation of such deep material. I loved getting the opportunity to practice the different stages/types of self-care meditation. This was healing and therapeutic. If I am healthy, I can help others be healthier by sharing good healing energy. Thank you for sharing this life-changing technique of learning to love myself like I deserve.

I enjoyed the part where we had a visit from ‘a compassionate friend’ to listen to us and tell us that things are all good. I needed that visit from my great grandmother to ground me, to make me realize everything is alright. We started to sing a hmm together in our language, which was my grounding.

I loved everything about this workshop. Thank you.

I loved that it is ok to think of self first. I matter and I am good enough. I suggest more feedback from the group to go in the ‘parking lot’.

I loved the practical ways we learned to practice self-compassion and why it is not selfish to do that.

I loved the message. It’s a huge deal to be told to put yourself first. My favorite activity was the ‘Compassionate Listening’. It was great. Thanks.

I loved that this workshop was about ‘self’ because I always need to work on self-compassion.

I loved the whole workshop. It is always good to learn and have more tools to work with. I needed to learn how to have compassion and love for myself. I suggest having a microphone for participants so we could hear what others were saying.

I loved that this workshop gives people permission to take time to care for themselves. I would have liked more movement and physical exercises.

Good presentation, well-paced, knowledgeable facilitators. Wonderful, acknowledging inspirational content. This is good for everybody to hear and experience again and again. May think about making this a 2 day workshop to give time for participants to get a real firm grasp of the material.

Sorry but I use a different method. This may work but I found something else that works for me. What works for some, doesn’t work for everyone.

I needed this. Thank you for everything you taught me.

I loved the clarity and how we participated in all activities. I understand more and feel like I’ m not alone. Continue with your good work.

It is time to address the issue of self-compassion. I am my worst critic. I can remember and recall all of the bad. It seems like I am the one that keeps bringing it all up. No one else knows. It’s time to let it go and love myself.

I loved the time to be here and the sharing because it opened up space for healing.

I enjoyed the gentleness and not being pressured to do anything that is uncomfortable for self. I don’t like being pressured and I am sure I am not alone.

I loved just being together with everyone because I hardly see everyone as I usually work when they all go home. I loved learning self-love, inner voice, that I am not alone and that there are a lot of similar feelings for everyone.

I loved learned about Sustainable Compassion and understanding what it is. It gives me another tool to use in my life and with others.

I loved learning some techniques for listening and learning that I don’t have to ‘fix’ everything I hear from everyone I speak with.

This workshop was all helpful. I loved having the chance to learn new tools and to care for myself in a good and positive way.


Victoria Pawlowski


Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre
4584 Blackcomb Way
Whistler, BC Canada
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