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Compassion Inspired Cards

information, meditations & practices designed to cultivate kindness and compassion

Self-Compassion Cards were developed through a collaborative, creative process of four long term friends. Victoria Pawlowski and Carolena Ranger are Trained Teachers of Mindful Self-Compassion who wanted to share the teachings in an accessible way. Johanne Galipeau is a French Canadian artist whose original art is represented on each and every card. K. Louise Vincent is a Gabriola Island poet and writer whose editing assistance helped us get to the essence of each message.

We believe that it is our friendship, cur own journey with self-compassion and our commitment to create a more compassionate world
that makes these cards special and we hope they will inspire and support you.

May you be kind to yourself and others, especially when things are hard.


  • Cards for Kindful Eating

  • Grieving with Mindfulness and Self-Compassion

  • Self-Compassion Cards