There is much research to show that simple, brief mindfulness practices can help us cope with difficult situations.  The 3-Centre Check-In is an anchoring practice that can be used in emotionally challenging situations. It is a practice we teach in Mindful Self-Compassion training.


1. Body
Check in with your body noticing any body sensations, touch, temperature, warmth, coolness, vibration, tension?  Invite relaxation or softening as needed from head to toe.

2. Feelings
Check in to your feelings or mood, noting any emotion (pleasant or unpleasant)?
You may ask, “how am I doing right now?”
Is there a mood or attitude? (calm, contentment, concern, or worry?)
Can you make room for what is here with support?
See if the feeling is related to any physical sensation in your body.
Once again, invite relaxation.

3. Thoughts
Check in to your thoughts.
“What am I aware of in my mind?”
What thoughts are coming and going?
Planning, remembering, concern or worry?
Can you observe the thought that is here?


Returning to your body and feeling your breath.
Observing that any of these 3 elements (thoughts, feelings, body sensations) may be a part of your experience at any time and you can be aware of them to help regulate your own experience and your nervous system.