Blog Topic: Eating Challenges

Binge Eating Disorder – a brilliant coping mechanism?

Binge Eating Disorder is the most common eating disorder.  It is defined clinically by frequent episodes of consuming large amounts of food (without purging); a feeling of being out of control during the episodes; and, strong feelings of shame or guilt regarding the...

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“If there were only two things in the world, mind and body, but no soul, then the mind would not be involved with the body, because it is fixed and emotionless and very distant from physical life. Nor would the body have anything to do with the mind, because by itself it is inept and powerless. It is also far removed from the mind. But if soul is placed between these two, adjusted to the nature of each, then one would easily become involved with the other.”
~Marsilio Ficino Book of Life

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Balancing Spirit and Soul

According to Thomas Moore, people struggling with disordered eating behaviours often have an imbalance between spirituality and soul - an over focus on spirituality and an under focus on soul. Spirit is big and looks forward and upward.  Spiritual people like to...

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